Friday, June 5, 2009

New laptop!

I finally bought a laptop! I have been wanting to get one for a while and i finally found one that I could afford. It isnt pink or fuzzy (i wish it was), but it will get the job done. I need it for school in the fall because I am going to ASU! I went to orientation last week.. which was the longest day of my life. My mom and I even ditched the last couple hours. yep it was my first day there and my mom talked me into ditching already! haha but anyways I got registered and got a t-shirt that is too big and a maroon and gold pom poms so i guess it was worth it!

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Lori Taylor said...

I'm setting the record straight.
I didn't make Jen ditch, she was sick, we went outside for her to blow her nose and she didn't feel good at all, we went inside and couldn't find her group. That's when WE decided to leave - we had already registered and done the required stuff!