Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Happy birthday mom! Thanks for putting up with me for all these years. I really don't know how you do everything you do. And I don't know what I would do without you, I would be living in my own filth! haha You are always fun to be around! I am so glad that someone in this house likes to play games every single night with me. You really are my role model/hero (see i listen to our family home evening lessons!). You are always looking for ways to serve people. You are sincere,compassionate, and optimistic in everything you do. Thanks for being one of my best friends. I love you mom!!! Hope you have a great birthday!

Monday, July 20, 2009


For the 4th of July I went up to Eager with Lexi, her family, and my friend Jessica Schmidt. We rode quads, went to the parade, ALMOST went into a dance (but we looked inside and saw only about 3 couples dancing so we left..), saw some fireworks, and went spotlighting/sightseeing! Its sad because lexi's extended family knows me almost better than my own!

Jess Lexi and I at Steven and Kelly's house in Eager where we stayed
At the parade on the 4th!

We found this going through the parade... a headless statue of liberty. I thought that this little town of eager was against America! we were all a little confused at first, but then we realized it had a mechanical head that would go up and down so it didn't run into the power lines.

We got bored one day and decided to walk to the school and play at the park! They had this really tall slide and old-school swings. The slide doesn't look big in the pictures but it was huge!

Lexi's dad woke us up at 4 in the morning one day to go up the mountain and look for elk and deer and wild horses (I wish we hadn's stayed up until 3....) But we saw this cute little bear! and of course lexi threw it some beef jerkey and honey on crackers so it came right up next to our car!

We got out and hiked a little bit to this really pretty waterfall!
Lexi's cousin had this cute little scooter and was nice enough to let us take it for a spin!

This weekend I went to California with Jessica, her family and Lexi. We went to 6 flags and the beach!

So im SOOOOO afraid of heights and deathly afraid of roller coasters, but I actually went on some. But I made a bad decision of going on Tatsu at the beginning of the day. I should have known when the sign said "Fly at the Speed of Fear". I learned my lesson. Actually it ended up being one of my favorites!

We went to mission beach on Friday and it was packed! there were people EVERYWHERE!! Since there wasn't much room in the water, they talked me into letting them bury me. BAD IDEA. I am still finding sand everywhere!
And of course...on the way home we got pulled over right around Yuma. It was pretty funny! since I wasn't driving. Luckily Brian was a cop so we got a warning!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New laptop!

I finally bought a laptop! I have been wanting to get one for a while and i finally found one that I could afford. It isnt pink or fuzzy (i wish it was), but it will get the job done. I need it for school in the fall because I am going to ASU! I went to orientation last week.. which was the longest day of my life. My mom and I even ditched the last couple hours. yep it was my first day there and my mom talked me into ditching already! haha but anyways I got registered and got a t-shirt that is too big and a maroon and gold pom poms so i guess it was worth it!