Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The real life Glee

So I just discovered "The Sing Off".. and i think it is my new favorite! on the commercials they said it was going to be like a "real life glee" but i think its much better! it is an all-voice competetion, and it is AMAZING! im get obsessed very easily with anything that has to do with music (you can ask my family, they would probably say its annoying!) but i seriously love this show.

This is The Street Corner Symphony.. my favorites! the lead singer has an amazing voice. And the guy with the hat and glasses looks just like John Lennon!

and this is Jerry Lawson and the Talk of the Town...These guys are so fun!. Their voices arent my favorites, but they are fun to watch! i really like the little guy with crazy hair and teeth that sings the high parts! haha

But my family has had so much fun watching this! Even my dad starting singing along...:) haha sorry there's so many videos, it was hard to narrow them down because I loved them all!