Sunday, September 7, 2008


Our season FINALLY started! our first game was on tuesday against cibolla and we killed them! but then on thursday we played the state runner ups from last year and got our butts kicked. their best hitter is already signed with ASU.. she was amazing! and then we had a LONG tournament on friday and saturday. we did pretty good on friday, so we were put into a bracket with really good teams on saturday. we didnt play that great on saturday.. lets just say we are all a little embarrassed. we didnt play horrible, but we could have played alot better. hopefully we can start playing like we know we can. We are all best friends and we all get along really good. were probably the craziest team! we always have fun. sometimes too much... our coach gets mad sometimes cuz we are always laughing and being crazy at practice. anyways.. im so excited for our season!!
dog pile!
being weird..
our pyramid! that took us SOOO long to do. i respect cheerleaders alot more now.
Varsity! i love my team. too bad im standing like i have a hunch back..
at team camp.. our coach taught us to lay down and put our legs against the wall with our feet up since we were on our feet all day long! i dont really get why we were doing it haha
our team with coach mike! i dont know why its blurry!! its my only picture of us with so sad!
there werent enough beds. so me and katie made our own bed. right next to the bathroom.. not a very smart idea. since everyone had to wake us up to get into the bathroom.
me and katie trying to take a picture while we were in the air but we were a little late. i just thought we were in funny positions..
most of our team taking wiggles!
wow we were CRAZY that night!! you probably cant tell but i threw up twice earlier that day.. haha
audrey, ashley, chelsea and kaitlin
more wiggles!
katie, lexi and jessica. i dont even know what they are doing..