Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So i realized i havent posted for a really long time.. but my mom kind of took care of it by putting pretty much everything exciting about me on her blog. I dont have much to blog about because i do the same thing everyday. i have weight training in the morning from 6:30-8:30(where i realized im really weak and out of shape...), then i come home, try to take a LONG nap, and go to work! sometimes we have volleyball practice or something too..So my life is pretty boring! but i did forget to post my prom pictures! just remember i was sick.. thats my excuse for looking gross, even though thats not a good excuse!

so my face got a little covered by ron.. but i didnt mind! it actually made the picture look better!

me and jake
this is my morp group. i went with Nathan Smith! it was really fun! even though alot of other couples wore suns outfits.. ours were the best!!