Friday, September 7, 2007


I went to EFY this summer with Lexi Brown at NAU. We brought up a whole suitcase of food..which was a bad idea because i was the one who ate it all. There were no cute boys in our group, but there were alot outside our group. A bunch of my friends were on the same floor as us and we had big sleepovers and watched chick flicks! my group



Nate Dawg

Katie trying to stay awake at one of our sleepovers!

the dancers name is Sam and he was in my group.. now you know why we say there were no cute boys in our group!! but at least they were entertaining..

California Trip

This summer we went to california with the Overstreets for the 4th of July. we went to six flags, where i went on my first rollercoaster.. and we went to the beach! i didnt get the tan i wanted.. but it was still way fun!

We buried Dallin up to his head in the sand

Jaxon at the beach!


This was my first time holding Jaxon. We were at church when Brother Overstreet signalled to my family that they had the baby! I bet everyone at church knew what was going on when my whole family stood up with the biggest smiles on our faces, and basically sprinted out the doors. We got to the hospital, and of course i was one of the last ones to hold him..but it was worth the wait!