Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I went to homecoming with Aaron Favreau! our group was pretty big.. but it was fun! for our day activity we went out to the desert. we watched a movie and had a huge bonfire! Before the dance we went over to Tyson Andes house and ate a delicous dinner! It was alot of fun!
My hair already started falling out before the pictures! but thanks to becky, amy, and jessica for doing my hair, make up and nails! they did 2 of my friends too!
Dont worry i didnt wear those shoes all night. just for pictures. after that i took them off and put them by the student council stuff (where it wouldnt get stolen).. good thing Aaron is in student council!!

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The Overstreets said...

You looked so pretty! Aaron probably was so proud the whole night to be seen with you! He looked handsome too!