Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Girls Camp

This summer i went to girls camp! it was my first year as a YCL and me and lexi were partners, of course. We were over 3rd years. we had to do the hike with them and everything. our girls were so cute! And sorry, im not wearing any make up in these pics!
This was our YCL skit. 6 of us (Kelly Allen, Amber Neel, Lexi Brown, Tiffany Allen, Brianna Barba and me) dressed up like gangsters.. in our tall T's, we even had grills that we made of foil. I look like the biggest wangster.. but the rest of them look good!
This was right before my solo. well more like a duet. my partner, brianna barba, is a dancer in euporea at mesa. so pretty much i looked like an idiot dancing next to her! but who cares..its girls camp! what happens at girls camp, stays at girls camp..
Look at the toy i made!!! isnt it so good?? actually, i just sanded it. but i think i did a great job at sanding it.


The Overstreets said...

Yay for girls camp, and don't worry- you don't need makeup, you still looked beautiful! The skits are the best part!!

Jentry said...

Oh Jen you look cute!
p.s. What's a wangster?? haha

-This is Jentry by the way :) ha