Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Future RN...

I finished my first semester of nursing school!! Only a year and a half left.. which is kind of a scary feeling.. because I know I have so much to learn still. But thinking back over this semester, I've realized I have already learned so much! Although its been really stressful, its also been a lot of fun. Especially because of the friends I've made through school. We were put into groups of 10, and I think I got the best 10 girls! We all get along so well, and have a lot of fun together. We have group parties, study sessions, and some of us went on trips together! When you spend all day everyday together, you really get close. I'm just really happy with life and school right now, I'm loving it!

Here's my group of 10 girls.. love these girls!

in our community uniforms, we got to teach preschool kids! I taught them about Halloween Safety (me and my partner dressed up, and I think we might have scared some of them!)

With "Seymore Butts"... as our instructors call him. Love our teachers! haha

We made "D7" t-shirts - they are blinding.. (D7 is the name of our group of 10 girls)

after inserting an NG tube.. after learning this and learning to give shots and clean wounds, I actually am starting to feel kind of like a nurse!:)

In our nursing home, where we got our 1st real patient! this place was the nicest i've ever seen. it looked like a fancy hotel inside!

This is Bonnie.. her and I probably goof around more than we work, but it has kept me sane during this crazy semester! haha

Martha, our instructor, took us out to eat after our last day of clinicals!

Four of us got to go to Disneyland together! We left right after our final! Sad our whole group couldnt go.. but we had a blast! This was my first time on the tower of terror.. i didn't realize the creepy guys until we looked at the picture later! haha

Although its been the busiest semester of my life, its also been the most fun/exciting one I've had! I've had a blast, and I'm looking forward to the next few semesters!:)


Anonymous said...

yay for one semester done! what a fun group of girls- i'm glad you like them since you spend so much time together! and glad you got to go to california- so fun!

Morgs said...

Jen! I am so proud of you. You are just growing up way too fast. I can't wait til you become official and can like solve my problems--p.s. Bryant's dad brings you up like all the time still. You must be a REALLY nice nurse hahaaha