Monday, October 25, 2010

San Fransisco!

So it has been a long time since i've posted, and I'm tired of hearing my mom tell me to post something.. So here ya go mom!:)

Right before school started, I got to go to San Fran with some of my best friends! We all got buddy passes for the flight, and we got a deal on the hotel because our old volleyball coach Emrick had a timeshare. Even though we got lucky with those deals, I still spent WAY too much money.. we definitely shopped til we dropped!

I finally got to fulfill my dream and ride on a trolley! But it was only fun for the first few seconds.. until i realized i dont like being squished between a bunch of sweaty people.

There were so many things to do there, it was hard to squeeze it all into the 4 days we were there.
We went to Alcatraz!

I think we had most of our fun on the ferry ride over to alcatraz...

We got a package deal to go to alcatraz and then to angel island, where all the immagrants from Asia came through. Don't go on that tour... most boring tour ever! We drove around on a tram that was breaking down, and didn't see anything but a few buildings. But there was a nice view!

We spent an entire day at ghiradhelli square and fisherman's wharf!

We saw some very interesting people... here are just a few of our favorites.

We watched this guy for like an hour. He made his own little fake bush, then he would jump out and scare people as they walked down the street. He got Lexi! So funny!

We "hiked" up Lombard Street (that was our workout for the week)

We went and did Baptisms at the Oakland Temple. It was beautiful! Pretend I'm not standing like a hunchback...

We found this sign while we were waiting for our ferry..

Lexi apparently has never seen a seagull before... she saw these and said.. "those are like half birds, half ducks!" haha

We had so much fun on this trip! It was fun to pretend we all lived together. But we had to come back to reality... I'll have to start saving up for our next trip!


Amber Veater said...

you posted!!! i check every now and then just to see if i missed something.. and i didn't!

i love you!

ps... nsync all the way!

becky said...

1. is that a giant macaroni noodle?!

2. "pretend like i'm not standing like a hunchback" ha ha ha! love it.

3. i hope you kept going into ghiradelli so you could keep getting free samples!

4. the "bush man" is my favorite. i've been there like 3 times or so, and i think he's been there every time!! {maybe it's different people, i'm not sure}

5. i love that emrick gave you a deal on his timeshare... he would! love that guy...

6. so glad you got to go on such a fun trip!! you girls are all so cute!

7. yay for posting!!!!!!!!

Morgs said...

i feel so honored to be in your post! i miss san fran! (and of COURSE the giant noodle that said "do not climb on top of the BIG NOODLE." bahaha. i lubbb you va jen tay!